The Discharge Consent

The process of obtaining the formal drainage discharge consent is the last step in the drainage design process. Typically, we will have liaised with yourselves and agreed a drainage design strategy with the Local Lead Flood Authority. We will have carried out the detailed design process, produced detailed drawings and carried out the design simulations using Causeway Flow.

We will prepare comprehensive documentation outlining the drainage design, including technical details and plans. This documentation will be submitted to the LLFA as part of the application for drainage discharge consent.

The LLFA typically requires a fee to process the drainage discharge consent application. This fee covers the administrative costs associated with reviewing and approving the proposed drainage design. We will ensure that the required fee is submitted along with the application to facilitate the processing of the consent application

Upon receiving the application and fee, the LLFA will review the proposed drainage design in detail. This involves assessing its compliance with local regulations and its potential impact on flood risk. The formal approval process may take up to 21 days, during which the LLFA will thoroughly evaluate the submitted documentation.

After the review period, the LLFA will either grant formal approval for the drainage discharge consent if the design meets the necessary criteria, or they may provide feedback and request modifications to address any concerns.

Once formal approval is granted, you will receive official documentation acknowledging the consent. It's important to note that a contractor cannot discharge to a watercourse or connect to a sewer until this formal approval is obtained. Strict adherence to these restrictions is crucial to ensure compliance with local regulations and environm

With the drainage discharge consent in hand, the approved drainage design can be implemented according to the specifications outlined in the consent documentation. This includes the construction and installation of the drainage system in accordance with the approved plans.

By following these steps and collaborating with the LLFA, the drainage discharge consent process can be carried out efficiently and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

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